Sunday, February 3, 2013

About Me

My age titles me as a "Teen", but I've always felt more like an adult then those instagraming skinny people surrounded by 300 of their closest friends. 

Through all of our ups and downs, my mother has made me who I am today, and I can only say thank you. My dad, an over the road truck driver, has shared all of his stories with me at Least twice as we traveled all across the U.S.

 My parents, standing in line for the Rocket at Lagoon

I have a super loud laugh, and I love to cook and bake. I find new things every day and the only things that limit me is my non-refilling flour container, and my occasional lack of motivation.

 I've had some amazing support from my boyfriend, Ross. He picks me up when I fall, and convinces me that it's possible to keep going when all I want to do is break down and cry like a two-year old and never crawl out of my bed again. 

The oldest of three, my little chickpea, Elle, and my monster of a brother, Declan, are the lights of my day-most days, anyways. 

My Yorkie Cooper is the cutest, sweetest little pup ever, and even when he drives me crazy by barking at abso-freaking-lutely nothing, I love his furry little face too much to get too angry at him. Bindi is just as sweet-I just wish she wouldn't snore at night! My cat Mr. is one heck of a character, and Abbie is getting senile, so she forgets to be grumpy sometimes, but when a ribbon or treats come out, she streaks around and pounces like a kitten!  

Pictures? Too many? Never!!!

I can usually be found watching a movie while scarfing down popcorn, playing Sims on my computer, or limping around Skyrim with a lame leg, due to poor knee armor. If I have my headphones in, there better be a nuclear war going on outside my door for you to have a valid reason to bug me-and sometimes, not even then.

 I hope you'll join me as I cook, love, fail epicly, bake, cry, laugh, and have Life Adventures. 

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